Abstract: Order sets in electronic medical records have improved healthcare. However, in regards to lumbar punctures (LPs), there is misalignment between order sets and workflow; multiple processes need to align to place an order. Because discrepancies can compromise healthcare, order sets should be designed with minimal need for adjustments. We examine LP workflows across various clinical settings at UConn to design generalizable order sets based on common workflows and indications to improve adherence to clinical standards.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will leave the session with the knowledge of how to build a lumbar puncture (LP) order set and the best practices for creating order sets aligned with clinical standards and the needs for respective ordering providers in neurology, infectious disease, and interventional radiology (IR).


Deandra Momah (Presenter)
UConn Health (University of Connecticut)

Dirk Stanley, UConn Health (University of Connecticut)
Michael Blechner, UConn Health (University of Connecticut)
Scott Allen, UConn Health (University of Connecticut)