Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh

Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics
The use of informatics to support safe and effective medication therapy has been my primary interest since the early stages of my research career. I now have more than a decade of training and experience at the intersection of biomedical informatics, pharmacoepidemiology, and comparative effectiveness research. My training since becoming faculty includes three years of clinical research and pharmacoepidemiology training (as a scholar in the University of Pittsburgh Comparative Effectiveness Research program). I am currently the Principal Investigator (PI) of a K01 project funded by the National Institute of Aging that is investigating how to actively monitor nursing home patients for fall risk while they are exposed to drug-drug interactions. I am also the PI of a National Library of Medicine R01 project that is studying a novel approach to addressing gaps in drug-drug interaction evidence. Since December 2016 I have directed the Informatics Core for the Center of Excellence for Natural Product Drug Interaction Research funded by the National Center Complementary and Integrative Health. My publication record includes more than 30 peer reviewed journal articles and 10 peer reviewed conference papers at the intersection of medication safety, knowledge representation, and decision support. I lead the Pharmacovigilance Evidence Investigation Workgroup in the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics consortium (http://goo.gl/5MhTk8) and a W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group task force that is currently developing a minimum information model for potential drug-drug interactions (https://goo.gl/RHQulO). Specialties: Biomedical informatics, Comparative effectiveness research, pharmacoepidemiology, drug interactions, Semantic Web, Information Retrieval

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