Plenary (Times are in PDT)

PS01: Plenary Session - Clinical Informatics Response to COVID

12:30 PM–1:30 PM May 19, 2020 (Conference Time: US - Pacific)

12:30 PM–1:30 PM May 19, 2020


There has been tremendous recent activity with involvement from AMIA members called to the front lines in response to the pandemic.  The first plenary panel will focus on the clinical informatics response to Covid-19.  Bryant Karras, the Chief Public Health Informatics Officer for the Washington State Department of Health, of our program committee will moderate.  The panel will cover the Covid-19 response, tracing the progression of the outbreak in Washington from the very beginning to related surveillance efforts more broadly.  Officials and experts from the states of Washington and California will share data modeling activities specific to the pandemic and along with subsequent recovery efforts.  To conclude, we will zoom out for a national view of surveillance, healthcare, and laboratory data from the CDC’s Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (CSELS).  Each of the panelists will provide 8-10 minutes of remarks followed by discussion.