How Can We Make Usability Engineering Efficient and Cost-Effective for Clinical Informatics?

9:35 AM–9:55 AM May 21, 2020 (Conference Time: US - Pacific)

9:35 AM–9:55 AM May 21, 2020

701 - Clallum


Abstract: The usability of clinical information systems has and continues to be an issue with continued reports of difficult to use system, usability issues and potentially unsafe healthcare applications. Over the past two decades numerous studies and usability reports have been published. However, issues remain as to why poor usability of many clinical systems remains a problem and what can be done to improve the situation. To address this, in this presentation we first describe challenges to applying usability engineering to improve clinical informatics. We then describe some of the practical solutions and strategies we have come up with to meet these challenges. The overall approach described can be carried out at low cost and in-situ, i.e. in actual clinical settings. Based on a wide range of usability studies timely feedback can be provided that can have a major impact on improving usability. The presentation will describe our work in demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the approach as it can be applied both for projects involving system development as well as projects focusing on improving the usability of commercial systems implemented post procurement. Issues around knowledge dissemination and advice on how to practically apply such approaches in clinical settings are discussed.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: After the session the attendee will be aware and understand that practical approaches exist that can be applied for improving the usability of clinical information systems in their organization. Participants will also learn that the approaches can be applied rapidly and at low cost. The attendee will gain an overall understanding of these approaches and that they can applied both throughout system development and during implementation of commercial systems (e.g. after procurement) for improving usability. The attendee will be made aware of resources for further information about improving the usability of clinical information systems. This will allow the attendee to make improved decisions about how to deal with emerging usability problems and help in dealing with such issues in terms of potential methods and information resources.


Andre Kushniruk (Presenter)
University of Victoria

Elizabeth Borycki, University of Victoria