Abstract: Advanced patient registries which incorporate decision support and facilitate multidisciplinary, team-based care can improve depression outcomes but are not widely used. We built such a registry into an electronic health record (EHR) shared by community health centers (CHCs) serving low-income populations, as part of implementing team based Collaborative Care for perinatal depression in ten sites nationally. We describe the build and use of this registry, which was designed to support measurement-based team care for perinatal depression.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will learn about the experience of building an advanced patient registry for perinatal depression into an EHR, and its subsequent use in community health centers serving low-income patients. This information will allow attendees to better plan and execute the implementation of similar tools for population-based, multidisciplinary team-based care of chronic disease in settings serving vulnerable populations.


Ian Bennett, University of Washington
Marla Dearing, OCHIN Inc.
Mary Middendorf, OCHIN Inc.
Amy Bauer, University of Washington
Amritha Bhat, University of Washington
Suzanne Hunter, University of Washington
Rachel Gold, Kaiser Permanente NW Center for Health Research
Perry Foley, OCHIN Inc.
Tess Grover (Presenter)
University of Washington

Melinda Vredevoogd, University of Washington
Whitney Eriksen, University of Pennsylvania
Fran Barg, University of Pennsylvania