Abstract: Siloed data sources and analyses hamper effective interdisciplinary collaboration in quality improvement. INFECTALYTICS takes a holistic, Big Data approach to transform CDW and laboratory quality data into visualization tools for clinical interventions. SQL and R were deployed to generate graph-network visualizations before, during, and after interventions. We demonstrated improvement in blood culture collections at our emergency departments while improving and extending best practices in both clinic and laboratory.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: 1) Conceptualize the clinical laboratory quality improvement process as a collaborative effort amenable to Big Data analysis and visualization.
2) Be familiar with the application of CDW-derived retrospective and near-real-time data analyses to improve clinical QI project outcomes.


Felipe Massicano, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Adrian Flannery, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Bade Iriabho, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Allen Bryan (Presenter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham