Abstract: Nutritional support therapies are an important aspect of the care for malnourished patients and are recommended by the Joint Commission to be reconciled with medications at all transitions in a patient’s healthcare journey. Unfortunately, it has been reported that hospitals have fragmented and ineffective ordering, administration, documentation and evaluation/monitoring of specialized, prescribed nutrition support therapies. This process improvement project sought to leverage the Medication Administration Record for ordering, administration and documentation of nutritional support therapies.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: After attending this poster presentation, the participant will be able to:
Recognize the significance and consequences of malnutrition for hospitalized patients.
Recognize the value of nutrition support therapies in acute care.
Identify barriers for optimal nutrition care in electronic health records.
Describe an innovative approach hospitals are using to improve standardized ordering, administration and documentation of enteral nutrition therapies such as oral supplements, tube feedings, formulas and protein additives in acute care settings.


Sandra Citty (Presenter)
North Florida South Georgia VHS

Ragnhildur Bjarnadottir, University of Florida
Belinda Marlowe, University of Florida Health
Shannon Jones, University of Florida Health
Amir Kamel, University of Florida Health
Cynthia Garvan, University of Florida
Shawn Sanders, University of Florida Health
Lynn Westhoff, University of Florida Health
GAIL KEENAN, University of Florida