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Calculation and Utilization of a Risk-Adjusted Test Utilization Index for Process Improvement

1:15 PM–1:35 PM May 21, 2020 (Conference Time: US - Pacific)

1:15 PM–1:35 PM May 21, 2020


Abstract: In order to improve patient experience and decrease inappropriate use of resources, our hospital has undertaken a process improvement project using Electronic Health Record (EHR) data to identify and evaluate the utilization of inpatient laboratory studies. We developed a Test Utilization Index (TUI) that identifies excessive resource utilization after adjusting for case complexity. This permits focused, real-time, data-driven efforts to assess and ultimately improve practices patterns at the provider, service line, and hospital-wide levels.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: The attendee will be able to describe how the risk-adjusted Test Utilization Index (TUI) can be calculated from Electronic Health Record (EHR) data and understand the value of the TUI in evaluating the appropriateness of ordering patterns for in-scope laboratory studies. The importance of real-time, risk-adjusted data to quality improvements will be described, as well as the potential applicability of this technique to assessing resource utilization for other types of testing and procedures.


Mariah Ondeck (Presenter)
Temple University

Ryan Ber, Temple University
Tatyan Clarke, Temple University
Boris Tsypenyuk, Temple University
Alejandro Gonzalez, Temple University