Using a quality improvement framework, and clinical decision support tools within the EHR, this project implemented a PROM that assessed depression and anxiety symptoms in a pediatric orthopaedic outpatient surgical clinic as a standard of care. Data from the PROM was incorporated into the clinician workflow, visualized within the EHR, and visualized in an RStudio dashboard where pre- and post-operative percentile curves were built to show longitudinal data.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will gain an understanding of the process of using a quality improvement framework to guide the implementation of a Patient Reported Outcome Measure. Attendees will also be able to identify a mechanism within an EHR to distribute PROM questionnaires, receive PROM scores, and trigger decision support tools based on scoring without the use of third party software. Finally, attendees will also gain knowledge about potential guidelines for care of patients who receive PROM questionnaires in outpatient clinics whose staff may not be equipped to handle the potential responses.


Lia McNeely (Presenter)
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Jake Riley, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Theodore Ganley, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia