Abstract: Timely and effective follow-up of laboratory tests and medical imaging results is crucial to patient care. Multidisciplinary teams oversee custom health information technology solutions which integrate with the electronic health record system to expand functionality to include (1) notifications for incomplete test results, (2) purging of clinically-irrelevant results, (3) adaptive assignment of results to a secondary “pool” of clinicians for additional oversight of test results, and (4) e-mail reminders of unendorsed notifications.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Assess and address potential opportunities and gaps in diagnostic test result follow-up, including routing and purging logic, clinical team protocols, auditing capabilities, IT maintenance, provider dashboard insights, and governance.


Peter Hong (Presenter)
Boston Children's Hospital

Jowell Sabino, Boston Children's Hospital
Chase Parsons, Boston Children's Hospital
Jonathan Hron, Boston Children's Hospital
Marvin Harper, Boston Children's Hospital