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Board 07 - Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support for Tinnitus Diagnosis and Therapy

3:30 PM–4:30 PM May 20, 2020 (Conference Time: US - Pacific)

3:30 PM–4:30 PM May 20, 2020


Abstract: In this work, we propose a knowledge-based clinical decision support system, eTRT, which is designed to assist physicians treating sufferers of tinnitus. eTRT receives and manages data about patients and their associated medical information, from which system-explainable diagnosis and treatment decisions are produced. The system provides a user-friendly interface targeted at small to mid-sized clinics specializing in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). Expected system benefits include improvements in medical information management, treatment outcomes, and economic resources.

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Katarzyna Tarnowska (Presenter)
San Jose State University

Brett Dispoto, San Jose State University
Jordan Conragan, San Jose State University