Plenary (Times are in PDT)

PS03: Plenary Session - Voices of AMIA Member Listening Session for Strategic Planning

11:45 AM–12:45 PM May 20, 2020 (Conference Time: US - Pacific)

11:45 AM–12:45 PM May 20, 2020


Join AMIA Board Chair, Patti Dykes, along with AMIA Board members, at the Voices of AMIA Listening Session for Strategic Planning.

As AMIA continues our strategic visioning process for the 2020-2025 strategic plan, we want to hear from you, the AMIA audience, about your goals and vision for AMIA in the next 5-10 years. We are seeking way to improve AMIA and the value it offers to members.

Here are a few of the topics we will be discussing:

  • We want to hear about your most exceptional, effective, inspiring experiences with AMIA – and about how we can generate many more of those experiences for each of you.
  • In the 5 to 10-year future, what’s in store for the informatics field? How can AMIA shape this future, and help each of our members to shape it?